Used Racewell JR Sheep Handler


$11,000.00 + GST


$11,000.00 + GST$12,650.00 including GST

Entry-level Racewell Sheep Handler with Trailer. With simple to use manual controls this unit makes handling sheep easy.

The Racewell JR comes with a leadup race, that is designed to hold the next animal before the handling section of the machine. The race has non-adjustable sides and features two anti-backing flaps. This ensures the next animal does not reverse out of the race while waiting. The anti-backing flaps come with two positions on each side allowing the height of the catch to be adjusted depending on the size of the animals.

A catch button is set at the entrance to the lead-up race, allowing the operator to control the clamp wall of the handler when they are not at the handling section of the machine. This means you can get in behind a stubborn animal, push them into the clamp area and still catch them without having to rush forward. This makes working alone possible whereas other manual sheep handler's and crates available require two people to operate and bring animals in.

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