Used Racewell HD3 Sheep Handler


$15,000.00 + GST


$15,000.00 + GST$17,250.00 including GST

For sale is this used Racewell HD3 Sheep Handler that has been traded in for a new model. 

Machine features:

  • 3-way auto drafting
  • End tilt
  • Adjustable lead-up race with spring-loaded backing flaps
  • Iconix Load Bars
  • Te Pari T20 Scale Indicator

Machine History:

It is estimated to be built between 2005-2010. The machine had a large overhaul about 4 years ago, receiving a new lead-up race and auto entry gate.

It was  traded in for a new machine in July 2023 and has been refurbished in our factory, receiving the following:

  • New Draft Gate Base
  • New Scale Indicator Stand
  • New Auto Backing Hook
  • New Bum Rest
  • New Dag’n’weigh plate
  • New crush wall
  • New load bar plugs to fit Te Pari, Gallagher or Tru-Test Scale

It's located in Oamaru and is available for immediate delivery. If you're looking at investing in an automated sheep weigh/draft machine, then this refurbished handler is a great starting point.