Used Racewell 3 Way Drafting Cattle Crush


$15,000.00 + GST


$15,000.00 + GST$17,250.00 including GST

Used Racewell 3 way drafting cattle crush with Parallel Squeeze. It's been traded in for a new Auto Drafting crush and since been refurbished in our factory. 

The condition of this crush is a true testament to Racewell's reputation of quality and leading design.


  • Pneumatic Powered
  • Parallel Squeeze
  • Vet Box
  • 3 Way Drafting out of Crush
  • Yoked Head Bail
  • Rubber Floor
  • Slam Latched doors
  • Split Entry Gate
  • Te Pari T10 Weigh Scale
  • Galvanized Heavy Duty Structure
  • Manual drafting and manual controls (not auto drafting and no remote)

Used equipment sell's fast so if you are interested, please get in touch via our contact us form or call Josh on 0212202071

 $15,000 +GST