Used Farmquip hDale Sheep Handler


$16,000.00 + GST


$16,000.00 + GST$18,400.00 including GST

Used Farmquip Hdale Sheep Handler made by Farmquip. For sale on behalf of a customer who is upgrading to a Racewell Sheep Handler.

This Farmquip Sheep Handler is an auto weighing and drafting unit that can auto weigh and draft sheep three ways. 

This is a portable unit and can have wheels fitted for towing. The machine has seen very little use since it was purchased just 3 years ago. It has side tilt for crutching, 3-way drafting gates and a clamp catch in the lead-up ramp. The machine is set up with Gallagher sheep weigh scales and Gallagher load bars.

If you are interested in this machine or would like more photos, please get in contact with Matt on 0275650260