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Racewell DR3 Auto Drafter

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Racewell DR5 Auto Drafter

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Racewell Auto Drafter Trailer System

Racewell Auto Sorters

Precision weighing and sorting for more profit in your pocket

The Racewell DR Auto Sorter is a highly efficient, dedicated weighing and sorting sheep system that will help any sheep rancher improve the profitability of their operation.

Features and Benefits of the Racewell DR Auto Sorter

Features and Benefits of the Racewell DR Auto Sorter

  1. 3 or 5 way auto sorting based on weight or animal criteria
  2. Multi-function remote to control entry/exit and sorting gates
  3. Automatic closing of the entry gate activated by twin adjustable ‘magic eyes’ for optimum speed and flow
  4. Intelligent entry gate assists in preventing jam ups
  5. Twin adjustable optical sensors or ‘magic eyes’ for optimum speed and flow
  6. Self-contained frame for easy positioning on uneven ground
  7. Manual sorting by sight with remote control
  8. Quiet pneumatic operation
  9. Integrated overhead load cells eliminate loadbar failures and cable damage
  10. Rugged, hot dip galvanized construction and a well proven design for long life and high resale value
  11. Low entry height for improved animal flow
  12. Quiet rubber floor eliminates sunlight glare
  13. Mounting position for lead up panels to prevent young lambs turning around and improve flow
  14. Standard with 12V battery battery clips & mains power cable. 
  15. The entry gate is not part of the weighing zone preventing waiting animals from effecting the weighing.
What they say?

What they say?

Te Pari's Racewell Auto Sorter, or DR5 is the ultimate sorting machine on the market. Richard Hay from Central Otago, in New Zealand can attest to that. It helps you reduce labour, make the chores easy and improve accuracy. 

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The Racewell DR Auto Sorter range

The Racewell DR Auto Sorter range

DR3 Auto Sorter:

The Racewell DR3 Auto Sorter is a highly efficient, dedicated weighing and 3-way sorting sheep system.

DR5 Auto Sorter: 

The Racewell DR5 has all the features of the DR3 with an addition of two additional sorting gates making this unit ideal for ranchers finishing lambs in large quantities.

The Racewell DR Trailer System

The Racewell DR Trailer System

The Racewell DR Trailer System makes set up and pack up a breeze! Either operation takes about 2 minutes. The innovative design means the Racewell DR can easily be positioned right up close to the sheep race. The trailer is suplied standard with suspension and a jockey wheel. Click on the video to see just how easy it is to move the Racewell DR around.

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Integrated ePanel EID Antenna

Integrated ePanel EID Antenna

The ePanel EID antenna loop is integrated into the side of the Racewell DR. The ePanel reader addresses the requirement for a compact, unobtrusive antenna that ensures the EID ear tag is accurately read no matter what the sheep’s head position is. As the antenna is very close to the sheep, false reads of the EID tag is very rare. 

Dual Operation Controls

Dual Operation Controls

The DR Auto Drafter features dual operation controls. With simple toggle switches and push-button controls in the centre of the machine, operation from either side is easy and accessible. Plus, the rugged remote control allows the operator to stand back in the yards or race and still have complete control over the machine without having to be at its side. 

Do I need a Handler or Auto-Sorter?

If you just want to weigh and sort your lambs then the Racewell DR3 or DR5 is a perfect solution. However if you want the option to be able to crutch or do other tasks to your flock then the Racewell Handler models will be the better option.

6 Reasons to own a Racewell...



Using the Racewell Sheep System, farmers can easily allocate or sort stock into different groups for better stock management. This could include such things as: the division into different groups by weight to allow priority feeding, or the drafting out of ewes with multiple pregnancies.



Racewell Sheep Systems can automatically read EID tags, weigh and sort sheep. These actions are programmed into the scale indicator which communicates these settings to the Racewell Sheep System. This gives the operator the freedom to move away from the weighing and drafting area, to organise stock while maintaining control and stop or hold an animal at the push of a button on the remote.



Ewes increase their fertility when target mating weights are reached. Ewes need to be in good body weight and condition for high ovulation rates at mating. It is much more efficient to hold ewe live weight and condition score between weaning and mating as it takes a lot of extra feed to regain weight. Regular weighing using the Racewell Sheep System helps ensure optimum breeding outcomes.



Within any flock of sheep there is a substantial variation in the characteristics that influence an animal’s production level. Using EID or RFID tags to identify each sheep allows farmers to understand these variations which provides opportunities to select or sort animals based on different criteria such as scanning results, breed, growth rate and so on to make informed management decisions for the operation. Electronic ID allows farmers to measure the performance of individual animals and make decisions specific to each animal, reducing costs and labour, while at the same time maximising returns.



Manually handling sheep is a physically demanding job due to their size and strength. Many producers face problems like back strain and knee injuries which impact on their ability to continue doing sheep work. The multi-purpose Racewell Sheep System takes the effort out of sheep work while allowing the farmer to quickly and easily carry out several stock management tasks at the same time reducing the time spent in the sheep yards.



With the Racewell Sheep System the weighing and sorting processes is automated resulting in less chance of error. In addition, accurate weighing and sorting ensures that all stock fall into the correct groups to ensure they achieve premium prices at sale.


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Top 5 Features of the Racewell Auto Drafter

Top 5 Features of the Racewell Auto Drafter

A dedicated weighing & drafting machine

In Action - Racewell DR3 with Gallagher TW1 Scale

In Action - Racewell DR3 with Gallagher TW1 Scale

Auto Drafting 750+ an hour

Malcolm Brady | Burrawang Dorper Stud, AU

Malcolm Brady | Burrawang Dorper Stud, AU

Stress-free Sheep Drafting

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View the Te Pari Products Handbook

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