Revolution Dosing Gun – 14ml Barrel - Smart Model








The Te Pari Revolution 14ml Dosing Gun is a high-workload, battery-powered, easy-to-use, hand-held and fully portable device that assures delivery of injectable medications in a variety of livestock species, including cattle, swine and sheep. Because the device is lightweight and fully portable, an entire herd or flock can be injected quickly and efficiently.

The Gun is supplied standard with a 14ml barrel, a small drenching nozzle and the injector nib combined with a handy carry case. The optional 6ml or  70ml Barrel can also be fitted to this gun for drenching, injecting and pour on.

The Revolution Dosing Gun, when combined with compatible scale indicators or software systems forms an integrated animal management system. The scale calibrates the dose rate and transmits it wirelessly directly to the Te Pari Dosing Gun. 

Stop dosing in the dark! 


Intellectual Property:

Subject to patents/applications including US 9,775,697, US 15/100,998, US 7,927,307, and US 8,864,713 and equivalents in other countries, this marking being intended to serve notice under 35 U.S.C. section 287(a).


  • Electronic calibration for accurate dosing
  • The ‘Statistics’ button shows the number of delivered doses and volume of product use.
  • The Menu button allows you to alter the delivery and refill speed to suit the product and conditions. 
  • An Alarm indicates the dose is complete
  • Multi-Dose setting. When this setting is turned on the user selects the dose amount and the gun automatically limits each individual dose to 10ml or less to comply with Beef Quality Assurance standards.


  • Barrel Size: 14 ml, Dose Accuracy: +/-0.2 ml
  • Battery Life: Over 1,000x 10 ml shots approx.
  • Dose size: 0.1 ml – 28 ml
  • The 14ml barrel is incremented 1ml - 9.9ml in 0.1ml steps and 10ml - 28ml in 0.5ml steps. (14 ml or more in 2 shots)


  • Eliminates costly over-dosing
  • Reduces parasite resistance caused by under-dosing
  • Reduces repetitive hand strain and injuries
  • Easy to adjust the dose rate on the digital keypad for accurate dosing
  • Able to perform over 1,000 injections per battery charge, eliminating downtime and increasing efficiency.
  • The injector can administer any vaccine or medication intramuscularly, subcutaneously or intra-dermally/trans-dermally. 
  • Does not require an external power source such as CO2 or compressed air, with no connection to heavy tanks, bottles, regulators or power cords