Cattle Auto Sort System

Cattle Auto Sort System

The easy Sort Gate System for your existing Chute!

Take your cattle sorting to the next level using a Te Pari Pneumatic Auto Sort Gate System. This system will auto sort by weight or other criteria from your Scale System. From $6900.

How it works:

How it works:

The Te Pari air operated Cattle Auto Sort Gate System connects to a Gallagher or Tru-test Scale System and allows you to automate your cattle sorting while utilising your existing manual Cattle Chute. The sort parameters i.e., weight is set in your Scale System.

When the animal is weighed in the chute the Te Pari Sort Gate System automatically opens the respective gate for the animal to exit thru after it leaves the chute. If RFID tags are recorded in the Scale System, then the animals can be sorted on other criteria for enhanced decision making.

Radio Remote Control

Radio Remote Control

The Te Pari Auto Sort Gate System includes a compact remote control with large buttons for easy operation. The remote controls the two sorting gates manually and allows you to override the Scale System sorting decision.

4 Benefits of Auto Sorting


Labour Efficiency

Make labour more effective and reduce mistakes with sorting your animals


Save time

Save time when sorting your calves into groups to sell.


Monitor animal performance

Reduce wasted feed by monitoring and grouping animal performance



Remote control of the sorting gates means the operator can stand well back from the chute and out of harms way

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

“The auto sorting system provides us with the option sort cattle, whether they are breed or open in different directions without additional labour. I believe the Te Pari system will ultimately save us money and give us better returns on our investment because of the efficiency of the system.”

Dan Dalfino – De Kelb, TX

Hear what else Dan Dalfino has to say about his Te Pari Auto Sorting System in the video.

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Site Requirements

The Te Pari Auto Sort Gate System requires a compressor and power supply. We recommend a compressor that has 10cfm or 350 litres per minutes pump displacement and a 50L/13Gal tank. Free Air Delivery at 90PSI should be 8.76 CFM or 248L/Min. The Power Supply can be connected to a 12V battery or a normal power socket.

Scale System: Compatible with Tru-test XR/ID 3000 and 5000 Series and Gallagher TW Series. Other models with Auto Sorting or Auto-drafting feature may be compatible.

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Download our Cattle Handling Handbook

Download our Cattle Handling Handbook

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