Taurus Auto Sorting Cattle Chute



The most innovative Cattle Chute in USA! This unit is brand new and will available for delivery in late March following display at 4x Trade Shows. Never had cattle thru it but the usual wear and tear marks from shipping between shows gets you a super special deal.

With this class leading Cattle System you can…

  • Weigh and sort your cattle automatically based on weight or any recorded criteria
  • Read the HDX/FDX RFID tags with an integrated reader system
  • Auto Drench your cattle with a weight calibrated does using built in spray bar
  • Use the Remote control to handle or bail your cattle with ease.


  • Air operated Alley Slide Gate
  • Integrated RFID Reader
  • T30 E Scale /Data Collection System
  • QuikDose Backline System
  • Revolution Smart Dosing Gun

Normally $41650

Now only $36500 including Free delivery and on ranch training.

Save $5150

Only one unit available at this price for delivery end of March.

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