Auto Sorting Cattle Chutes

The beating heart of cattle management.

The Taurus Auto Sorting System takes cattle handling to a new level. This system is capable of handling large numbers of cattle quickly, safely, and with minimal operator input. It can be set up to draft out of the Chute or by utilising the sorting gates in front of the Chute

Indepth on the Taurus Auto Sorting Cattle Chute

The beating heart of cattle management. The Taurus Auto Sorting System takes cattle handling to a new level. Watch now as Josh Garton talks Indepth over the features, opertation and configurations of the Taurus Auto Sorting Cattle Chute range.

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Radio Remote Control

The radio remote control is a compact design with large buttons for easy operation. The remote controls up to 6 functions including the two sorting gates, race sliding gates, crush sliding gate, parallel squeeze and headbail. The remote also allows you to switch from Auto to Manual control at any stage. The remote is ideal for catching cattle in the headbail with full proportional control.

Split Sliding Gate in the race

The addition of an extra sliding gate in the race, situated one animal length back from the cattle chute, helps cattle flow and throughput. The radio remote control allows the operator to open and close the gate to control the flow of stock without having to be there. The addition of a race sliding gate improves the overall throughput of the Taurus HD3 Auto Sorting Chute.

eRail Dual Gate EID Reader

The patented Te Pari eRail ‘dual gate’ system is an EID antenna that is integrated into the 3 piece chute side gate system. The eRail system provides a large read field ensuring all stock are read accurately, even those moving quickly or with their head down low. As the antenna is actually part of the steel gate, it is extremely robust and there are no visual or functional restrictions that can be caused by retrofitted panel readers.

Manual Operation of the Headbail & Sliding Gate

No power no problem - the headbail and sliding gate can be operated manually as the chute is supplied with the headbail handle. Simply disconnect the air line and you are in business with manual operation. This is handy in a power outage or if you only need to attend to a single animal as this can be done without turning on the compressor.

Control Console

The control panel at the rear of the chute is standard on all Taurus Chutes. This control panel allows you to mount your weigh scale at an ideal height. A lockable cover fits to the front of the control panel keeping the weigh scale and control units out of the weather and secured from theft. Also included in the control panel is a storage tray for your tools, tags and belongings, and a cupboard where the air regulators, EID reader control units, battery and the like are conveniently stored out of the way. The buttons control each function of the chute in addition to the remote control

Rubber Floor

They are quieter and handling cattle quietly has many benefits, including improved weight gain and greater safety for operators. Having a rubber floor provides a more natural surface for cattle to stand on and they are also easy to clean and disinfect if required. Finally a rubber floor helps prevent slips which can cause the animal to panic and allows your stock to walk with confidence. Thats why a rubber floor is standard on all models of Taurus Cattle Chutes

Over Coming Adversity with the Taurus Auto Sorter

It was an “absolute freak accident, the quad bike flipped over me… bounced on me… and broke my spine.”

Listen to Martin Peddle tell his story about how a quad bike accident has changed the way he runs his farms. Using the Taurus HD3 Cattle Auto Sorter, Martin can work his stock through his Te Pari Steel Cattle Yards and sort them all from his wheelchair.

Click Here to watch Martins video on his accident and how he has overcome the unthinkable.

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The Taurus Range

The Taurus Auto Sorting Cattle Chute is available in two configurations.

Chute with 3 Way Sorting Module (most popular option): 

This configuration is called ‘inline sorting’ The cattle leave the chute and are directed out sorting gates in front. This configuration is very safe and efficient to use as it provides a faster sequence time. 

Draft out of Chute: 

This configuration uses the side gates of the Cattle Chute as the sorting gates. Pneumatic rams open and close the side gates automatically. This suits situations that have limited length. The yard design for this set up needs to consider operator safety as the cattle could exit into the working area.

3 or 5 Way Sorting

The Chute with a Sorting Module option can be configured with either 3 or 5 way direction sorting out the front of the chute.

4 Reasons to own a Taurus Auto Sorting Cattle Chute



The Taurus HD3 Chute system can help with labor efficiency by reducing staff requirements in the yards. This also minimizes human contact which reduces stock stress. Operator efficiency is increased, and staff skills are maximized, potentially reducing management costs. Sorting decisions can be made in the office prior to bringing cattle into the yards.



Identification is also made easier with accurate automatic reading of individual animal ID tags that can be read through mud, water and flesh. This assists in identifying low performing animals as well as the best performing farms and paddocks.


Stock Management

When used in conjunction with weigh scales and an EID reader the Taurus HD3 Chute system helps with stock management by automatically identifying animals for sorting based on weight, or other criteria such as treatments, sex, breeding info and ranch location. Through enhanced stock monitoring, audits, better animal management and recorded data, the system has the ability to detect animal health issues quickly and efficiently which ultimately assists in maximizing ranch profit and stock turnover.


Financial Benefits

Many livestock producers have proved that using EID readers in conjunction with an automatic sorting machine can provide significant financial benefit. The investment for an Taurus HD3 Chute system on a per animal basis is small compared to the potential to realize more productivity from your operation.

Experience Auto Cattle Sorting in Virtual Reality

Watch as the team at The Wolds Station below Mt Cook in NZ, weigh and auto sort their cattle through the Taurus HD3 Cattle Chute.

Tip: Click on the video and then on 360 icon in the top left hand corner of the video and use the arrows have a look around the yards.

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Is Auto-Sorting worth the investment?

With an Auto-Sorting Chute you will process your cattle quicker and as a result will weigh more often. With a cycle time of aprox 10 seconds per animal it is realistic to weigh 300 head per hour with very little operator intervention. If you consider the cost of labour, the ROI on a Auto-Sorting Cattle Chute is very good. Plus you will weigh more often because it is so easy to do. This helps you manage your herd better and improve your on ranch returns.