Using the T30 Scale for management decisions

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Using the T30 Scale for management decisions

Elliot Morgan used to dread weighing cattle. Fighting the cows through inefficient yards and ancient scales took hours and left everyone exhausted. Elliot avoided the whole process whenever he could. But in the modern era, not knowing stock weights affects all sorts of farm management decisions — and profits. So, nearly four years ago, Elliot picked up the phone and rang Te Pari.  

"Now it's so easy to weigh cattle, you actually go and weigh them when they need to be weighed. I can have cattle in the yards, weighed and back on their feed in 40-odd minutes," he says.  

You don't need a lot of people to work cattle in Te Pari yards either. "Two's easy — often three is too many."  

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Along with his new Te Pari Cattle Yard’s, Te Pari's T30 scale system means that now Elliot can be confident in his management decisions. 

"One of the reasons we went with Te Pari was they can offer an integrated EID solution, now you know exactly what your animals are doing every time."  

"You can see where the cattle have come from and see their growth. Having that information affects everything from deciding on the best-performing grasses to booking space at the works.” 

While weighing his cattle, the session details are displayed on his T30 Tablet along with individual animal data. After the session, the information is loaded into the cloud and Elliot can head to his desk, check the graphs and decide on his next moves. 

elliot morgan tepari cattle yardsNot every farmer is tech-savvy, so Elliot's pleased with Te Pari's excellent customer service. A simple phone call can often fix a problem on the spot, but Te Pari can also remotely log into the T30 scale so a technician can work while you're watching and sort out any issues, as well as educating you on the best ways to use the system.   

Elliot is rapt with Te Pari's outstanding products, sales and services. Their products are easy to get, simple to use and increase stock knowledge and profitability. What's not to like? 

"You've got the yards, the crush, the EID reader and the T30 scale… everything's all in one place. It's one business; you've only got to make one phone call. That's the beauty of Te Pari being a one stop shop." 

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