Te Pari UK partners with farming Vlogger ‘The Sheep Game’

Te Pari UK partners with The Sheep Game

Te Pari has teamed up with Cammy Wilson, creator of The Sheep Game Vlog that follows the highs and lows of his farming life in Scotland. Cammy is a Scottish Sheep farmer, shearer and scanner and his The Sheep Game YouTube channel is very popular and entertaining with over 57,000 subscribers worldwide.

Cammy says his YouTube channel is about “showing you all aspects of keeping sheep and also some of the things I get up to as a contract shearer and sheep pregnancy scanner. Having a laugh is my priority but if there are any educational bits in here too then that's just a bonus.”

Te Pari has provided Cammy with the latest Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler which is fitted on a trailer with crutching flap. This is complete with a T30 Scale System and Drench Gun.

“The initial reason I contacted Te Pari was because of a bad knee! I have been trying to do everything manually but with a dodgy knee, handling big sheep can be a task! So, I thought, why not start at the top, which to me was Te Pari. I got in touch with them about their Racewell handling system and was so impressed with the set-up. They then became aware of my Vlog The Sheep Game and agreed to provide me with a system to try out. I am really looking forward to getting started with the products they have provided me with, it is going to be a game-changer!” Explains Cammy Wilson.

Te Pari's UK branch is based in Perth, Scotland and this base was first opened in 2021 to show its continued commitment to the UK market. UK Sales Manager Giles Devenish tells us more about the new partnership with Cammy.

“With Cammy providing such a positive platform for sheep farming in the UK, we knew he would be the perfect person to team up with to help promote our product range. We look forward to following the journey through his channels and seeing how the Te Pari system works for his farm.” Said Giles.

The Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler takes the hard work out of sheep handling. It can weigh and draft automatically by weight or EID and help undertake a variety of other tasks such as crutching, dagging, drenching, vaccination and tagging. Te Pari is passionate about providing the perfect tool to help farmers like Cammy produce prime product while increasing profitability and efficiencies.  


Take a look at the first video about the Racewell Sheep Handler from The Sheep Game on YouTube.