Stress-free Cattle Handling | John Mitchell

Stress-free Cattle Handling for John Mitchell

With 4000 acres of upland farm to tend to and a mix of cattle and sheep, South Lanarkshire farmer John Mitchell needed equipment that would make things a little easier.

With two local farmers commenting on their experience with Te Pari and the product, John decided to take a look at the equipment range.

“With the knowledge that two local farmers had bought Te Pari Cattle crushes with a few years operation under their belt, provided great reassurance. They were really enthusiastic and their opinions were really important to me when considering this investment.”

john mitchell titan cattle crush uk titan hydrulic cattle crush

John has since purchased a Te Pari Titan Hydraulic Cattle Crush and Racewell HD4 Sheep Handler from Te Pari, dealing directly with Patrick.

“The Te Pari team really care about their customers and I could tell this straight away. Despite being on the other side of the world, nothing was ever too much trouble. Patrick was prompt with his replies and settled any questions I had. It really impressed me the level of customer service!”

john mitchell titan cattle crush uk access gates to cattle

The Titan crush is used for all general cattle welfare jobs including dosing and clipping where John utilises the squeeze mechanism to hold the cattle still and keep them calm.

“I am a big believer that if the animals are less stressed then the farmer will be less stressed. The new equipment has made the whole job more enjoyable and safer.”

john mitchell titan cattle crush uk trimming cows belly

Not only have the products helped with safety they have also helped John with his health as he no longer needs to wrestle his way up the sheep race.

“Our Racewell is fantastic for being able to get to the animal easily, I noticed that my knees are so much better than they used to be, so that is a definite positive!”

With the ability to weigh animals with the Titan crush, John feels like it has given him a greater grasp of the figures and that helps him make informed decisions about the cattle, benefiting the business in the long run.

john mitchell titan cattle crush uk weigh scale system t30

“The Titan is already having an impact on the business and it will be of huge benefit. We are already more efficient when working with the animals, cutting time and meaning we can get on with other jobs.”

Ensuring your purchase is worthwhile and works for you is very important to the team at Te Pari.

“You pay for what you get and it was a big investment for us but as soon as the products arrived, we could instantly tell they were premium products. They are well-built and you can tell they will last. The equipment has made the whole process a lot more pleasant.”