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Kiwi Farmer: Showcasing sheep and beef farming in New Zealand

Kiwi Farmer: Showcasing sheep and beef farming in New Zealand

The Kiwi Farmer YouTube channel gives people an inside look into the daily adventures of a sheep and beef farmer in New Zealand. Alistair Bird, the creative force behind the Kiwi Farmer videos, kicked off the channel in 2021 with a simple goal: to show everyone what farming life is really like in New Zealand and to share his genuine love for the land, animals, and the environment. The channel has captured international attention with farmers all over the world watching to learn more about New Zealand’s farming practices such as grazing management, breeding practices and animal husbandry.

kiwi farmer moving cattle 

Capturing the True Spirit of Farming:

Alistair's vision with the Kiwi Farmer channel is all about highlighting the positive side of farming and sharing the way he does things on farm so that people all over the world can tune in and learn how it’s done in New Zealand. He firmly believes in the deep bond farmers have with their land, animals, and the environment they depend on. Alistair knows that farming isn't just a job; it's a way of life.

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Te Pari is very happy to support the Kiwi Farmer YouTube channel, helping farmers all around the world learn about how things are done on Alistair's farm. Alistair keeps it real and down-to-earth, giving viewers an honest look into life on his sheep and beef farm. Whether it's grazing management, mustering, breeding, tailing, fencing or just running the farm, Alistair shows you the whole shebang while explaining everything and keeping it real about the gear he uses.

To help support Alistair in his work on the farm Te Pari has given him a new Lenta MX3 Manual Cattle Crush to upgrade his cattle yards. The Lenta MX3 is loaded with innovative features that make handling cattle a breeze, from weighing, sorting and drafting to veterinary work. Alistair's videos give you an up-close look at how this modern crush transforms farming practices, making tasks safer and more efficient.

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The Lenta MX3 Manual Crush is packed with great features such as 3-piece side access gates, parallel squeeze, offside drafting handle, vet access area, reliable C1000 walkthrough head bail and an integrated EID tag reader.

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Alistair has been a loyal customer of Te Pari for many years, relying on their high-quality equipment to support his farming endeavours. From the sturdy Te Pari steel gates in his cattle yards to the trusty Racewell Sheep Handler in his sheep yards, and not forgetting the tried-and-true Te Pari Docking Irons for tailing, Alister has always trusted Te Pari's tools of the trade. Having someone like Alistair, who showcases both the new and old Te Pari equipment in such an honest and genuine manner, brings a unique perspective to the table. Through his entertaining and educational videos, Alistair not only entertains his viewers but also offers valuable insights into the life of a farmer in New Zealand.

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Join the Adventure: Explore the Kiwi Farmer YouTube Channel!

To find out more about Alistair’s farm and the world of farming in New Zealand, head over to the Kiwi Farmer YouTube channel at Here, you'll find a wide range of interesting videos that capture the essence of farm life in New Zealand. From the breathtaking landscapes of the Canterbury hills to the everyday joys and challenges of caring for animals and caring for the land, Alistair's videos offer an intimate glimpse into the world of farming. So, take a look and subscribe to the Kiwi Farmer on YouTube to find out more!

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