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Introducing the New Auto-Catch Hydraulic Cattle Crush

Written by Aimee Johnston

Introducing the New Auto-Catch Hydraulic Cattle Crush

Cattle handling just got a whole lot faster & easier with the introduction of our latest innovation: the Taurus Auto-Catch Hydraulic Cattle Crush. Designed for large operations and feedlots with efficiency and safety in mind, this cutting-edge system offers a range of features that streamline the handling process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for both operators and livestock.

  • World-First Auto Catching Hydraulic Headbail
  • Safety Sensors in Vet & Headbail Access Gates
  • Automatic: Weighing, Tag Recording, Drafting
  • Hydraulic Chin Lifter, Vet Access Gate, Side Squeeze
  • Remote Control Operation

Innovative Auto-catch and Auto drafting

The Taurus Auto-Catch Hydraulic Cattle Crush revolutionizes the handling process with its innovative auto-catch and auto-drafting capabilities. With the push of a button, operators can activate the auto-catch mode, allowing the crush to automatically open and close the crush entry gates and catch the animals in the head bail. Once inside the crush, the animal is automatically weighed, and their EID tag is read. Depending on the operation mode selected the animal can be held at this stage so that vaccinations or other animal husbandry procedures can be completed.

The drafting gates in front of the crush can be set to automatically sort animals based on weight or tag information, further streamlining the process.

The auto-catch and auto drafting functionality on this crush has been thoroughly field tested and proven to improve efficiency for processing large numbers of cattle. You can see it in action in this video filmed at Willinga Park Pastoral in NSW, Australia. They have almost doubled the number of cattle that they can process per hour. Several other operations are using the Taurus Auto Catch Crush with great results including some feedlots in Australia, JAD Speckle Park and a large bull producer in New Zealand.


Multiple Operating Modes help to reduce labor

Flexibility is key when it comes to handling livestock, and the Taurus Auto-Catch Hydraulic Cattle Crush delivers with multiple operating modes to suit different needs. Whether it's manual control via remote or the dashboard switches, automatic catch and drafting based on weight or tag information, or a combination of both, operators have full control over how the crush functions.

The automatic operating modes can drastically reduce the amount of labour required by removing manual tasks such as opening and closing gates and operating the head bail.

taurus auto catch control panel 01

Advanced Hydraulic Functionality

At the heart of the Taurus Auto-Catch Hydraulic Cattle Crush is its advanced hydraulic system, which provides precise control over the entry gate, head bail, parallel squeeze, vet access gate and drafting gates. This crush utilizes a single-phase electric power pack, to ensure consistent performance and reliability. The inclusion of an accumulator helps maintain high pressure levels, essential for smooth operation and also means you can individually adjust the pressure on each function.

taurus auto catch system action shot 01

How It Works

The Taurus Auto-Catch Hydraulic Cattle Crush can automatically catch, weigh and draft animals to improve the efficiency of processing large numbers of cattle. When set in Auto-Catch mode the crush entry gate is automatically opened by sensors when the previous animal has exited the crush. When the next animal enters, sensors detect its presence and automatically close the gate behind it.

As the animal moves further forward, additional sensors at the head bail activate the auto-catch. Once the front sensor is triggered, the head bail will close. Then you can open the side access gate and control the chin lifter. Once you're finished with the task that you're doing, you can close the access gate and press the release button. This will release the chin lifter and open the head bail. At this point, as the animal exits the crush, there's another sensor on the draft module, and that tells the crush the animal has left and allows the next one to enter the crush.

Then the drafting module comes into play, this system can automatically sort animals based on predefined criteria such as weight or tag information. The drafting gates are available as either a three-way or a five-way draft. They can be controlled automatically via settings in the scale system or can also be operated manually with the remote control or the rear dashboard control panel. This process can be entirely automated, reducing the need for manual intervention and saving valuable time & effort.

Throughout the handling process, operators have full control over the crush's functions via the remote control or rear dashboard controls, whether it's adjusting the entry gate, activating the chin lifter, or releasing animals once the task is complete. There are also controls at the front of the crush near the head bail for added convenience.

Heavy Duty C5000 head bail

The C5000 is an extra heavy-duty head bail which is only available on the Taurus Hydraulic Crush range. Everything is reinforced and designed for a high-volume operations. The head bail has proportional control, and the auto catch can be set to open and close at different sizes to suit your stock. There are three ways to operate the head bail:

  1. By remote control
  2. Electric switch at the rear of the crush
  3. Front mounted crush controls

The benefit of the front mounted controls is if someone else is using the remote control, you still have functionality at the front of the crush.

taurus auto catch system c5000 headbail

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in any livestock handling environment, and the Taurus Auto-Catch Hydraulic Cattle Crush is equipped with a range of features to ensure the well-being of both animals and operators. There are sensors strategically placed throughout the crush to automatically disable certain functions and ensure operator safety. For example, the crush entry gate is automatically disabled when the vet gate is opened. This means that no animals can enter the crush while the vet area gate is open. Also, at the front of the crush, a sensor on the drafting gates disables the head bail, so that if a drafting access gate is open (an operator might be in there tagging an animal) then the head bail cannot be opened until the gate is shut.  Pressure relief valves on all hydraulic rams allow for precise adjustment to suit your stock and the sensors significantly improve safety in situations where multiple operators are working around the crush at once.

Built to Last

The Taurus Auto-Catch Hydraulic Cattle Crush is built to last in high use applications such as feedlots and large finishing farms. It is constructed from high-quality steel that is fully hot dip galvanized after fabrication, to ensure it has the best protection from corrosion in the harshest of environments. It is manufactured by Te Pari Products in New Zealand so you can trust in the quality and reliability of this system. Parts are readily available, and we have fully trained support teams in Australia, the UK, US and New Zealand and we offer on-farm training and commissioning of our equipment.

taurus auto catch vet gate

Watch it in action

Watch the video to see Almanzo talk through the many features: