Cattle Handling

Cattle Handling

Manage your Cattle Handling with Te Pari

The Te Pari range of Cattle crushes and headbails are built to have a long and hard life as a faithful workmate. They take a hammering so you don’t have to.

Our Te Pari Cattle crushes and headbails are designed to get the job done without putting unnecessary stress on the operators or the animals.

The benefit of purchasing Te Pari Cattle crushes and headbails is the design, build-quality and safety features. All our crushes and headbails are designed with the safety of the operator as our primary concern. These safety features will ensure the operator can focus on getting the job done without fear of injury.

Te Pari Crushes in short

World Leading innovation
  • Less time spent on one task, is more time available to focus on the next. Improved workflow creates momentum and this inevitably leads to profitability.
  • Te Pari’s Stock Handling Solutions save you time by increasing your throughput with super smooth and exceptionally safe workflows which reduces labour requirements.
  • Improved flow and safety in your yards mean less stress on your stock which improves animal health and quality, which in turn means less stress on you.
  • The team at Te Pari uses innovative design and new technologies to streamline all forms of animal handling to ensure faster, safer and more efficient workflows and is always on stand by to consult with and assist on any technical issue that might arise.
Classic HD with Drafting module

Te Pari Headbails

The healthcare of any herd of cattle is almost impossible without a headbail.

It is often considered the yard’s most important feature.
The Te Pari range of headbails is sturdy, safe, easy to operate and has a quiet action. Mostly, headbails are manually operated, however, pneumatic and hydraulic operations are available.


Saving on labour and upskilling your staff

Labour efficiency is another important benefit of using a Te Pari Cattle Crush.
  • The Te Pari system can help with labour efficiency by reducing staff requirements in the yards.
  • This also minimises human contact which reduces stock stress.
  • Operator efficiency is increased as equipment is easy and quick to use and maintain.
  • Staff skills are maximised, potentially reducing management costs.
  • If the crush is fitted with an EID reader identification is much quicker, safer and easier with accurate recording of electronic animal ID tags that can be read through mud, water and flesh. This assists in identifying low performing animals as well as the best performing farms and paddocks.

The Te Pari Promise

At Te Pari, we believe that we offer the best value livestock equipment on the market. If you believe you have been offered the same specification deal at a cheaper price, we ask that you bring us the deal before you sign and we promise to show you that we offer better value.

Value is our promise to you.


Are you after a price, spare parts, a demo on your farm or simply some advice? Please give us a call or click contact us and one of our sales people will be in touch.