Used Racewell DR3 Sheep Auto Drafter


$15,000.00 + GST


$15,000.00 + GST$17,250.00 including GST

For sale, a very tidy Racewell DR3 Sheep Auto Drafter.

A customer purchased this machine and then decided a Racewell DR5 would better suit their operation. This machine has had very little work (we estimate around 1000 lambs through) and is now up for sale at a reduced price.

Depending on the scale system you are using this with, it is capable of auto drafting over 700 an hour.

The DR3 comes with a great trailer and thanks to its smart design, the machine can be set up onsite in less than 2 minutes and easily positioned using the trailer winch.

For more information on this DR3, visit the product page here or give Matt a call on 0275650260.

This Machine SOld For $15,000 +GST