Cattle Loading Ramps

Taking loading design to the next level.

Loading cattle onto stock trucks and trailers is an important part of any cattle yard system. Generally cattle flow better if they are moved directly from the forcing pen to the loading ramp, or drafted off from early in the drenching race to the loading area. Most Te Pari loading systems can be incorporated into a new or existing yard and are designed to be safe, strong and user-friendly

Why a stepped loading ramp?

Having steps instead of a sloped surface drastically reduces slipping when the ramp is wet or mucky. The sides are fully sheeted for animal safety and a handrail on the catwalk ensures operator safety. With a Stepped Ramp the cattle will actually stop and start moving easily.



Te Pari Loading System reduces time.

Listen to Stewart Weatherstone speaking about how the Te Pari Loading System fattens the bottom line on his dairy operation.

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The Stepped Loading Ramp

The stepped Te Pari Loading Ramp has sides that are fully sheeted for animal safety and a handrail on the catwalk to ensure operator safety. The optional flat top section makes unloading easier as the cattle come out of the truck onto a flat landing before descending the ramp. The flat top section also has an access door allowing the truck driver to get inside and at the same time close off the race from any cattle that are waiting.


  • Patented stepped design for improved stock flow
  • 1.1m loading height with a hot dip galvanised frame
  • Catwalk on right hand side with handrail for operator safety
  • High impact polyethylene plastic sheeted sides for animal safety
  • 75 x 75 HD front frame for strength

This option takes the ramp right to the cattle. Ideal for loading and unloading at runoffs and lease blocks, or at sites where access to the main cattle yards is difficult. The mobile loading ramp can even be loaded up with Te Pari panels and gates to form a small, mobile cattle yard.

Stepped Loading Ramp is covered by Patent NZ718145

The Dual Height Loading Ramp System

This innovative loading system is designed to be mounted on a raised concrete base or at a bank and allows fast, easy and safe loading of cattle directly to the upper and lower decks of cattle trucks. Loading cattle directly onto the upper truck deck ensures a completely full load and reduces stress and PH levels in the cattle. Loading is much safer and quicker as many truck internal ramps are very steep and cattle tend to either baulk or take a run at the ramp. Both the upper and lower ramps are fitted with access gates allowing the operator to move into either truck deck with ease. A handrail on both levels of ramp ensures operator safety. At the entry to the Te Pari Dual Height Loading System is a sliding gate and diverter gate allowing the operator to easily switch loading between decks with no downtime. Without a doubt, the Te Pari Dual Height Loading System is the ultimate solution for safe and efficient cattle loading. 


  • Loads directly to both truck decks reducing cattle stress and ensuring full capacity truck loads
  • Operator access gate on both upper and lower ramp
  • Patented stepped ramp design provide secure footing for cattle
  • Handrail on ramp for operator safety
  • Diversion gate and sliding gate at entry for easy loading of either deck

Loading Banks

A loading bank is a good option if the site lends itself to this design. It is more cost effective than a raised ramp and extremely good to use, as cattle walk on at ground level directly into the cattle truck. Most Te Pari Loading Banks include an access gate so that the operator can easily enter the truck and shut off any remaining cattle in the race. 


  • Cost effective to build
  • Excellent cattle flow as cattle move on same level directly to the truck

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The Te Pari Handbook contains over 100 pages of details and specifications on the entire Te Pari range.