Kitset DIY Utility Cattle Yard Packages
Kitset DIY Utility Cattle Yard Packages

Kitset DIY Utility Cattle Yard Packages

Big features for smaller yards.

The Te Pari Utility Series of kitset DIY steel cattle systems has been designed specifically for lifestyle blocks and farmers with small numbers of cattle.

Download the Te Pari Utility Yard Plans

Download a selection of our 'kitset' Utility yard designs.

Cattle Yards to enjoy!

Building a Te Pari Kitset DIY Cattle Yard is a healthy way to escape from the stress of every-day life while tapping into creativity you maybe didn't even know you possessed! Enjoy the rewarding feeling of building a cattle yard (without hiring someone) and then the pleasure of handling your cattle in total safety.

Why investing in a Te Pari Utility Kitset DIY Yard makes sense.


Gates that swing & latch

When you invest a Te Pari Utility Kitset yard you get gates that swing and latch safely everytime.


Not money banged in the ground.

The relocatable design of Te Pari Utility Yards mean that should your needs or circumstances change you can easily relocate, expand or sell your yard system.


Safety that matters

A Te Pari Headbail puts you in control of potentially the most dangerous area of a yard


Reputable brand & resale value

Te Pari is the leading brand of livestock equipment in NZ with a proven resale value that exceeds expectations.

The Utility Yard Range

The Utility Yard Range

The new Utility Series of kitset steel cattle systems has plans from 5 head up to 60 head. The solid galvanised steel construction makes this one of the strongest and safest systems to use, yet it is simple to set up and shift. Investing in a Te Pari steel cattle yard is a smart investment that gives your optimum safety for you and your cattle


  • Easy to set up or relocate
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Strong and proven design
  • Oval tubing means reduced bruising for your cattle

For details on the range download the Utility Plans Set below.

Which spec of Cattle Yard do i need?

Use the table below to decide which type of yard system you require.


Utility Kitset Yards

Hybrid Steel Yards with wooden pens

Turnkey Professional Yard Solution

Panel Height 1.6m 1.8m 1.8m
Panel Rails 5 Rails 6 Rails 6 Rails
Gate Height 2.2m 2.4m (some gates are 2.2m) 2.4m (some gates are 2.2m)
Gate Type Gate is in frame Unique Ultimate Gate design with no cross bar on the ground Ultimate Gate design with no cross bar on ground
Gate Latch Chain Latch Slam latch with nylon sleeve Slam Latch with nylon sleeve
Installation Kitset DIY Steel components only installed by Te Pari team Installed by Te Pari team
Holding Pens All steel panels Wooden Post and rail with steel gates All steel panels

4 Reasons to choose a Utility Yard System



The consequences of an injury are unthinkable. Cattle can be unpredictable so having a strong safe yard gives you peace of mind.



A Utility Yard System can be easily shifted if you sell your property or your needs change making it a smart investment.


Easy to set up

The Utility Yards are easy to set up and come with an installation guide.



If you livestock needs grow, then you can simply add and enlarge your Utility Yard to suit.

The 'Stockbend' warranty!

The 'Stockbend' warranty!

The force that cattle normally apply on a panel is sideways due to the way they move within the yard. This means the amount of deflection that a rail will sustain is a critical measurement of its real strength. A taller oval profile rail may look stronger but if it has a narrow width profile it will be weaker in action. 

Te Pari panels are stronger! Why?

The custom made Oval Rails in a Te Pari panel are 48mm wide and approx 15% wider than all other market alternatives. 

Our Warranty...

If any yard panel is bent through sideways motion of stock within 60 months of date of delivery we will replace the panel at no cost to you.

Download the Te Pari Utility Yard Plans

Download a selection of our 'kitset' Utility yard designs.




The Te Pari Handbook contains over 100 pages of details and specifications on the entire Te Pari range.