Hybrid Steel Yard Systems

Safety and economy combined.

The NEW range of Hybrid Steel Yard Systems combine the nucleus of a steel Te Pari Yard for the race, forcing pen and crush area with wooden post and rail construction for the handling pens. This solution is ideal if you have resources to build the wooden pens and want to stretch the budget further.

Download the Te Pari Hybrid Yard Plans

Download a selection of our NEW hybrid yard designs.

Why choose a Te Pari Hybrid Cattle Yard

Without doubt the most challenging part of any Cattle Yard's construction is the curved race, loading ramp and forcing pen. It is also the 'high traffic' or 'hard working' area of any yard. The Te Pari Steel yard system is proven, strong and safe. However if a complete steel yard system doesn't work for your budget the hybrid option is the ideal solution.

  • Perhaps you have timber on hand from trees you milled?
  • Maybe you have a fencer that can spend some time building the pens?
  • Could you save some money doing the wooden pens yourself and upgrade to a better Crush and Scale system?

What ever your situation the hybrid Steel Yard from Te Pari gives you a convenient and economical cattle handling solution.

10 Features of a Te Pari Steel Yard...


NZ-Made Anti Bruise Rails

All yards are built with top quality NZ-made oval tubing called Cattlerail on all horizontal rails. This tube has the strength of a square tube however the large flat side makes it animal friendly - no single pressure points and no sharp edges. Deflection analysis has shown that Cattlerail is the strongest in its class.


The Ultimate Gate System

This patented gate design has no bottom brace reducing ‘muck build up’ in the yards and eliminating trip hazards.


Hot Dip Galvanised

All steel components are hot dip galvanised and rust proof. During galvanising each yard component is cleaned in acid to remove all traces of scale or rust, then dipped in galvanising zinc, coating it completely in places unreachable by spray or powder coating.


The U-Bow System

The U-Bow system is uniquely manufactured to leave the upper area of the race completely free of any obstructions or overhead braces.


C-Force Gate System

The Super C-Force Gate System is an optional heavy-duty 3.2m revolving steel gate which reduces the size of a circular force pen as the cattle enter the race. The gate locks quietly into the special gates of the circular pen every 0.5m, moving the cattle up to the race. The pen can hold approximately 15 head of cattle meaning the operator can process 2-3 race loads of cattle before having to refill from the main pens. Almost no need to climb into the forcing pen.


Proven Designs

Te Pari has a wide range of proven plans designed for integration with crushes, scales and drafting systems. With 100's of yard in action for many years you can be assured that a Te Pari Yard actually works!


Wide Catwalk

The Te Pari Cattle Yard uses catwalk braces that attach to the side rails of the panel and to the ground. Timber is then fastened to the braces, which are 1.0m wide, providing plenty of room for several people to work on the catwalk simultaneously. A handrail is optional and recommended in some designs where cattle are regularly held in the area next to the catwalk.


Quiet & Compact Slam Latch Design

The nylon sleeved slam latches are super quiet and safer as animals are kept calm and stress free. The gate latches automatically from either side. The strike plate is extremely compact with rounded edge to prevent stock damage/bruising.


Calf Reducer System

This system allows the user to narrow the width of the race by moving the panels in. Quick and easy to adjust and prevents calves from turning around in the race.


Drop Top Panel System

Outside panels are 1.80m high and inside panels 1.45m high. The lower inside panels allow the operator to bend over and work the stock with ease. For large animals the optional Drop Top Panel System can be fitted to the inside of the race. These panels are 1.8m high, and the top rail folds down to the normal working height of 1.45m. This provides protection if handling large cattle and the option of easy access for younger stock.

The range of Hybrid Steel Yards.

Te Pari yard designs have been honed over the years to bring you the smartest, strongest manufactured yards packed full of features to keep you and your animals safe and calm. The new 'Hybrid' approach of using wooden holding pens combined with a steel race and working zone can be applied to any Te Pari design. Talk to the team at Te Pari about which plan would suit your needs best.

Which spec of Cattle Yard do i need?

Use the table below to decide which type of yard system you require.


Utility Kitset Yards

Hybrid Steel Yards with wooden pens

Turnkey Professional Yard Solution

Panel Height 1.6m 1.8m 1.8m
Panel Rails 5 Rails 6 Rails 6 Rails
Gate Height 2.2m 2.4m (some gates are 2.2m) 2.4m (some gates are 2.2m)
Gate Type Gate is in frame Unique Ultimate Gate design with no cross bar on the ground Ultimate Gate design with no cross bar on ground
Gate Latch Chain Latch Slam latch with nylon sleeve Slam Latch with nylon sleeve
Installation Kitset DIY Steel components only installed by Te Pari team Installed by Te Pari team
Holding Pens All steel panels Wooden Post and rail with steel gates All steel panels

Download the Te Pari Hybrid Yard Plans

Download a selection of our NEW hybrid yard designs.

8 Reasons to own a Te Pari Steel Yard...


Cattle Flow

Content cattle have a natural tendency to circle their handler, so Te Pari designs circular yards to allow cattle to flow much better. Research shows circular yards can be up to 30% more efficient than square or rectangular yards thus allowing a much higher throughput of cattle.


Cattle-free zones & Access gates

Many Te Pari yard designs include a ‘cattle-free’ working area which provides the operator a safe and secure area to work and store supplies. Personnel access gates are included in many designs and are vital to allow the operator to exit a pen quickly and easily without the need to climb over fences.



A catwalk on the inside of the curved handling race is another learning that Te Pari likes to use when designing yards. This reduces the walking distance when working cattle, and also makes it easier to move up and down the race without stirring up the cattle.


Curved Race & Forcing Pen

Curved narrow races encourage animals to move to the front of the yard, and a circular forcing gate lets you reduce the size of the forcing pen as cattle enter, eliminating the need to climb into the pen which is a huge safety benefit.


Tax Deductible

Construction of a Te Pari steel yard is likely to be a tax deductible expense in the year that it occurs. Download the IRD information below.


Quick to install

Investing in a Te Pari steel yard will allow you to get straight back to the real work of farming with minimal distraction. Installation only takes 1-3 days depending on the size of the yard and the amount of groundwork that needs to be done. Te Pari offers a turnkey solution when it comes to building your yards. From start to finish, Te Pari can supervise the process to keep downtime to a minimum.


Less labour needed to operate.

One person is all you need to operate a Te Pari steel yard. Curved narrow races encourage animals to move to the front of the yard and a circular forcing gate lets you reduce the size of the forcing pen as cattle enter, eliminating the need to climb into the pen – a huge safety benefit.


Virtually Maintenance Free

It is ultra-quick to install, you can get straight back to the real work, with stronger, safer steel yards. All are hot dip galvanised to eliminate corrosion, plus many of our yards can be completely relocated to another site.

The 'Stockbend' warranty!

The force that cattle normally apply on a panel is sideways due to the way they move within the yard. This means the amount of deflection that a rail will sustain is a critical measurement of its real strength. A taller oval profile rail may look stronger but if it has a narrow width profile it will be weaker in action. 

Te Pari panels are stronger! Why?

The custom made Oval Rails in a Te Pari panel are 48mm wide and approx 15% wider than all other market alternatives. 

Our Warranty...

If any yard panel is bent through sideways motion of stock within 60 months of date of delivery we will replace the panel at no cost to you.

tepari nz handbook mockup



The Te Pari Handbook contains over 100 pages of details and specifications on the entire Te Pari range.