Titan PX2 Powered Crush


$22,750.00$20,750.00 + GST


  • Pneumatic control of headbail, squeeze and rear sliding gate
  • Lever controls mounted on crush frame
  • Double sided Parallel Squeeze
  • Proportional squeeze & headbail control
  • Reliable C1000 headbail with a quiet locking mechanism that has a lifetime guarantee!
  • 2 piece side gates for animal access and out-of-crush drafting
  • Anti-slip rubber floor for quiet operation
  • Easy-to-use anti-rattle slam latches on all side gates
  • Heavy-duty hot-dip galvanised construction
  • Sliding rear gate with auto latch safety lock
  • Load bar mounting brackets ready to fit common brands
  • The rear handle to open and close headbail keeps the operator out of the animal's flight zone.
  • Made in New Zealand!