Lenta MS Cattle Crush - Vetless


$9,750.00$8,995.00 + GST






$8,995.00 + GST$10,344.25 including GST

The Lenta MS model is our entry-level crush. However, it still has some great features that you see right across our range of cattle crushes.

At the front, you have our proven C1000 heavy-duty head bail. This head bail offers reliable animal restraint with the diamond-shaped yolk and the mechanical locking box which will hold the animal at any size, giving you greater control over your cattle. The lock box on the C1000 head bail comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

The steel treadplate floor gives cattle excellent grip, it stops the muck falling through and building up around the load bars and it’s very easy to wash down.

The crush is fitted with a universal load bar mount plate, you can simply bolt on your load bars of choice and you're ready to weigh.

At the rear of the crush is the heavy-duty sliding gate. What’s unique about this design is that there are no obstructing runners or rails that stick out very far which means you don’t have to be ducking your head under obstructing metal bars while moving around your crush and yards.

The crush can be fitted with an off-side draft handle. This allows you to open the opposite side gate without having to leave the working area. So, once you have weighed your cattle, you then have the option to draft them three different ways.

Like all Te Pari Cattle Crushes, it is made in our factory in Oamaru and is hot dipped galvanized after fabrication to ensure the best protection against corrosion. The hot-dip galvanised steel on our crushes comes with a 10-year galvanising warranty.

Price includes Freight Free Delivery to your farm!