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Te Pari Stepped Cattle Loading Ramps: Making loading and unloading faster and easier!

Written by Aimee Johnston

Te Pari Stepped Cattle Loading Ramps: Making loading and unloading faster and easier!

Te Pari Stepped Cattle Loading Ramps feature a patented stepped design that makes loading and unloading of cattle easier and also reduces slipping, prioritizes animal safety and reduces stress. 

Te Pari has developed their Stepped Cattle Loading Ramps to provide a smooth transition for livestock, minimizing the chance of accidents or injuries during loading and unloading. Having steps instead of a sloped surface dramatically reduces the risk of slipping, especially in wet or mucky conditions. This design encourages a more natural movement pattern for the animals, reducing stress levels and ensuring their well-being.

Stepped Design for Safe and Efficient Loading

Enhanced Safety Measures

Te Pari Stepped Cattle Loading Ramps prioritize both animal and operator safety. The sides of the ramps are sheeted to prevent hooves from slipping out the sides of the ramp and the sides are high enough to stop cattle from attempting to jump over them to escape during the loading process. This feature not only enhances the safety of the animals but also provides peace of mind for the handlers, knowing that the livestock is confined within a secure environment.

Additionally, Te Pari Stepped Cattle Loading Ramps feature a handrail on the catwalk, ensuring operator safety during the loading and unloading procedures. The handrail provides stable support for handlers to maintain their balance and stability while working on the ramp. The catwalk with handrail is particularly valuable to truck drivers, allowing for safe and easy access into the truck and minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Watch the Stepped Loading Ramp in action!

Cattle load faster with a Te Pari Stepped Loading Ramp

Te Pari Stepped Cattle Loading Ramps not only prioritize animal safety but also optimize the loading and unloading process for handlers. Research shows that cattle move quicker and stop less often on a stepped ramp. This is due to the cattle having a flat surface for their hooves to land on – the cattle are less likely to slip and feel more comfortable moving up or down the steps. A traditional cleated ramp is likely to baulk cattle because often it is too steep, and the cattle are not able to support all the hoof because of the slope and the size of the cleats.

stepped loading ramp action 02

Optional Ramp Flat Top Section for easy truck access

The optional flat top section on Te Pari Stepped Loading Ramps makes unloading easier as the cattle come out of the truck onto a flat landing before descending the ramp. The flat top section also has an access door allowing the truck driver to get inside and at the same time close off the race from any cattle that are waiting.

stepped loading ramp action 03

Made to last with hot-dip galvanised steel

Investing in Te Pari Stepped Cattle Loading Ramps means investing in long-term durability. These ramps are built to withstand the demanding conditions of livestock handling. Made from high-quality Australian Steel that is hot-dip galvanised after fabrication, they are resistant to weathering and wear, ensuring a prolonged lifespan. Te Pari Steel Stepped Ramps are designed to minimise noise and made with heavy-duty pressed steel C sections that are very well supported underneath. Additionally, the ramps require minimal maintenance, saving both time and money for livestock operators.

Low noise anti-rattle design

The Te Pari Steel Stepped Ramps have been designed to reduce noise and rattle during use. Low noise operation is immensely important in minimising the anxiety experienced by cattle during loading and unloading. These ramps are constructed using robust pressed steel C sections, with substantial underlying support. This makes them both strong and low noise.

dual loading ramp 01

Dual Height Loading System for Cattle

The Te Pari Dual Height Loading Ramp System is an innovative loading system that allows for fast, easy and safe loading of cattle directly to the upper and lower decks of cattle trucks. Loading cattle directly onto the upper truck deck ensures a completely full load and reduces stress and PH levels in the cattle. Loading is much safer and quicker as many truck internal ramps are very steep and cattle tend to either baulk or take a run at the ramp.


  • The Patented stepped ramp design provides secure footing for cattle
  • Operator access gate on both upper and lower ramp
  • Handrail on ramp for operator safety
  • Diversion gate and sliding gate at the entry for easy loading of either deck

dual loading ramp 02

Te Pari Stepped Cattle Loading Ramps are making loading and unloading cattle safer and easier by providing a safe, efficient, and stress-free solution for farmers. By investing in Te Pari Stepped Cattle Loading Ramps, livestock producers can significantly improve animal welfare, save time and labour costs, and streamline their operations.

Watch this video to find out what Dairy Farmer Stewart Weatherstone likes about his Te Pari Dual Height Loading System

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