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New Titan PX Cattle Crush

New Titan PX Cattle Crush


Pneumatic Powered Crush with Manual Lever Control

We are very excited to release our new Titan PX Cattle Crush. Developed to be a cost-effective solution for farmers wanting a powered crush with finger-tip control to make processing large numbers of cattle easier.

With the Titan PX Crush, you have pneumatic-powered control of the Headbail, Rear Sliding Gate and Parallel Squeeze. The Titan PX also has manual control levers which mean it can still be used if your compressor breaks down.


  • Pneumatic control of head bail, squeeze and rear sliding gate
  • Lever controls mounted on the crush frame
  • Double-sided Parallel Squeeze
  • Slam latches on all side gates
  • Proportional squeeze & head bail control
  • One-piece rear sliding gate
  • Anti-skid rubber-lined steel floor
  • An anti-backing bar with anti-slip system that prevents the bar from sliding out
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel construction Made in NZ

Have a look around the Titan PX Crush in this video!

Easy to use control panel

The control panel for the Titan PX2 is located on the side of the crush, so the operator stands just behind the animals inside. This position keeps operator out of the flight zone and helps encourage cattle to exit the crush easily.
The controls are easy to operate, fingertip control and at a convenient height.

Titan PX2 Cattle Crush Control Panel

Double Sided Parallel Squeeze

The Te Pari Squeeze System moves the side gates together to reduce the animal compartment from 750mm to 410mm and is operated with an easy-to-use powered lever. The Squeeze System moves the gates upwards on a vertical linkage helping provide support to the animal – ideal for calving. This system is excellent for weighing young stock as it helps prevent them turning around. The Squeeze System is also ideal for larger animals when calving or undertaking breeding procedures as it prevents unwanted animal movement.

titan px2 parallel squeeze