Embracing technology at 6A Cattle Co Feedlot

Embracing technology at 6A Cattle Co Feedlot

Cody Adams is the Feedlot Manager at 6A Cattle Company and his team have been using the Te Pari Revolution Dosing Gun for about a year and a half now. They use it on a daily basis for treating cattle, doctoring cattle and processing cattle on induction.

“The gun is set up to the scale, which is read by the computer. So, an animal steps onto the scale and as soon as that animal stands still that weight is read and that sets the dosage that is given to that animal. That dosage is recorded into our FeedIT system, so that that customer is billed directly just for the exact amount of antibiotic that we are administering to their cattle.

I believe this is a technology that is going to be the leading change in the cattle feeding industry. I think having the ability for us to dose animals a hundred percent accurately on what their actual weight is eliminates us overdosing and under dosing. When you’re over-dosing you’re using more product than you need to and that is where we run into antibiotic resistance, which is a huge factor that we’re dealing with in the cattle industry right now.” Said Cody.

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The FeedIT system is Feedlot Management software from company ITS Global. FeedlT is designed for background feeders and finishing feedlots looking for tools to enhance productivity and improve efficiency by taking the guesswork out for them. FeedIT records and stores data and allows you to see real-time reports and accurate historical data for benchmarking and informed decision making. Drew from ITS Global is very happy with how the Revolution Dosing Gun works together with the FeedIt system.

“ITS Global started working with Te Pari using the Revolution Dosing Guns to integrate with our software. We got great feedback from the very start from our customers.  Integration has gone flawlessly with them. They’re such a great group to work with (at Te Pari). We’ve had no issues with anything that we’ve wanted to do and any requests that they’ve had of us have just made sense.” Said Drew from ITS Global.

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Lyle Adams, Owner of 6A Cattle Company is very happy with the Te Pari Dosing Gun and FeedIT system and how they work together.

“We use the Te Pari Dosing Gun on induction and with mass treating. We have found that it works very, very well with the FeedIT system. I won’t lie I was hesitant at the start when Mike and Drew (from ITS Global) brought the technology to us, but it’s been a great addition to our operation.

Probably the biggest thing that I like about the Te Pari Gun is the check mark that comes on (the screen) after it’s been administered, so that the person using it knows that the drugs have been administered properly. And at the end of the day, it saves my customers money which I’m sure they appreciate.” Said Lyle.

The Revolution Dosing Gun ensures that each animal gets the correct does every time by using their actual weight to auto calibrate the dose amount. The gun itself is very easy to use with a battery-operated trigger and ergonomic design that reduces hand strain from repetitive use. The Revolution Dosing Gun can be connected to a wide range of common scale systems and can be used for pour-on, injecting or oral dosing applications by fitting either one of the 70ml, 14ml or 6ml barrel options.

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The staff at 6A Cattle Company also like using the Revolution Dosing Gun because it’s easy to use and helps to speed up cattle dosing jobs. Here’s what Mitchell Dunsbergen had to say about it.

“The Te Pari Dosing Gun and the scale system we use connect to each other and they make giving doses incredibly easy and effective. I like it because it makes my job faster and definitely a lot easier. In regards to under dosing and over dosing the Te Pari Gun helps eliminate that by calculating the weight of each animal and giving it the exact does it needs.

The features I like the most are definitely how they connect to the scale and it selects an individual amount for each animal. It makes it nice and accurate. Some benefits would probably be how it can improve the speed of your operation and the quality of it. I would definitely recommend the Te Pari Dosing Gun because it can make your operation run smoother, faster and more effective.” Said Mitchell.

Shaelynn Adams is the Cattle Manager at 6A cattle Company and she says the Te Pari Dosing Gun has been of huge benefit to their operation especially when they have new cattle arriving and for mass treating pens of cattle.

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“My day to day responsibilities here at 6A are I do pen checks, I help in the processing barn as well as treat and the off chance I’m in the office doing book work related to our welfare audits because that is important.

I do find it (the Revolution Dosing Gun) is very useful, you get an accurate dosage with each animal so I think that is very beneficial. When we are under dosing animals then obviously, they’re not getting what they need to fight whatever is going on so I think that has been the major benefit for sure.

As an industry, we are put under such a spotlight about our use with anti-biotics and things like that. And as far as overdosing and under dosing, I think this really shows that we are trying to improve ourselves. Even if it does come at a cost, I think big picture, yes we have the cost of the gun but what we save in properly dosing the animals is huge.

I would definitely recommend the Te Pari Dosing Gun whether you’re a big yard or a small yard like ourselves, it’s very beneficial as far as arrival, mass treating or even daily when you’re treating if you have a large number. I would say if you’re debating purchasing the Te Pari Dosing Gun to definitely do it - I think yes it is a cost up front but I think in the long run it is a huge benefit to your operation.” Said Shaelynn.

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The Revolution Dosing Gun is powered by twin lithium-iron batteries which power the electric motor that drives the dosing gun piston forward and back. The operator can adjust the delivery and refill speeds of the gun to suit the situation. With a battery life of 2000+ doses and a dose accuracy of +/- 0.2ml it’ll keep working all day long and help you improve the accuracy and efficiency of your dosing.

“I would hugely recommend the Te Pari dosing gun, the cattle industry has gotten a bad rep on mis-use of antibiotics and other production practices like that. I think using the Te Pari gun and promoting it can allow us to show the consumer that we are investing in our farming businesses to produce you a better product to make sure that your beef that you’re eating is not overdosed and is fed an accurate and balanced fashion.” Said Cody.


Watch the video now to hear from the team at 6A Cattle Company.



Find out more about the Revolution Dosing Gun or contact the Te Pari team for free advice about how to set-up an Auto Dosing Gun for your farming operation.

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