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Cattle Yard Design Focus: SY107 Plan

Cattle Yard Design Focus: SY107 Plan

Te Pari’s SY107 yard plan is designed to handle up to 100 head of cattle effortlessly. It is a very popular option for mid-sized cattle operations in New Zealand and Australia. It’s safe and efficient and designed so it can be easily used by a solo operator – eliminating the need for extra farm staff in the yards.

Yard Safety features

The SY107 Yard plan is designed so it can be safely used by a solo operator. The curved shape of the working pens helps cattle to flow through the yard easily without getting stuck in corners and strategically placed personnel gates allow the operator to move through the yards safely without having to open the wider cattle gates. All yard gates are easy to use with Te Pari’s quiet slam latches which can (as the name describes) be slammed shut quickly and easily so the operator can keep their eye on the cattle without mucking around with gate latches or chains.

The anti-slip concrete in Te Pari Cattle yards is a well-proven grid pattern that is easy to hose down. The concrete surface prevents trips from uneven ground that is often present in gravel or dirt yards. The circular forcing pen features Te Pari’s C-Force gate which is a heavy-duty 3.2m revolving steel gate that reduces the size of a circular force pen as the cattle enter the race. The gate locks quietly into the circular pen every 0.5m and the pen can hold approximately 15 head of cattle meaning the operator can process 2-3 race loads of cattle before having to refill from the main pens. 

cattle yard anti slip concrete

Easy drafting and loading

The Te Pari SY107 yard plan has 3-way drafting gates in front of the crush which can be controlled by a wire rope system operated from the rear of the crush. This allows a solo operator to stay at the rear of the crush while drafting cattle out the front gates safely and easily.

The load-out race comes off the main working race at an easy angle for cattle to flow through. This positioning for the loadout race is proven to be very effective as cattle get used to running through the yards and down the race so they don’t hesitate when being diverted off at a slight angle to the loadout. The Te Pari Stepped Loading Ramp also helps to make loading cattle into trucks much safer and easier. Cattle naturally walk up steps more confidently than they do an angled ramp. The animals can place each hoof on a flat surface and so are less likely to hesitate. The Stepped Loading Ramp is also available with a catwalk and flat top landing with gates at the top to allow the operator safe access to the truck.

cattle yard load out ramp with catwalk

Designed for efficiency

The SY107 yard plan from Te Pari is proven to be a very efficient yard design with many happy customers over New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Having a set of yards that cattle flow through easily and that can be operated safely means that a farmer can save valuable time, reduce the amount of staff required for yard work and prevent injuries.

The curved race in the SY107 yard plan has a wide timber catwalk along the inside of it that makes it easy to apply pour on or inspect the top of cattle as the move up the race. The catwalk and crush area is all cattle-free, so the operator can work safely in this area without having to worry about cattle around them and their equipment.

cattle yard curved race with catwalk richard jackson

Customer Testimonial

Richard Jackson farms at Pilsbury Aberdeen Angus in England. Watch the video to find out what he thinks about his new Te Pari SY107 Cattle Yards.

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