A Cattle Crush Built To Last

A Cattle Crush Built To Last-Douglas Frame

Scottish Farmer, Douglas Frame recently invested in a Te Pari Classic Cattle crush for his 220-hectare farm based in South Lanarkshire. With approximately 150 Aberdeen Angus suckler cattle on the farm at any one time, the family-owned set-up decided that the Te Pari crush would improve their animal handling processes greatly.

Before making the decision to purchase the crush the family went to look at some existing Te Pari models in Scotland. They were particularly interested to see the build quality of the products. They were found to be pleasantly surprised.

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“I really wanted to make sure the crush was built to last. When looking at existing crushes from Te Pari we were really impressed. With a quick wash off you could have mistaken them for a brand-new crush! Every panel was straight, and the overall finish was really tidy.” Explains Douglas.

Douglas purchased a Classic Crush with 3 piece access gates, parallel squeeze and vet access gates from Te Pari after discussion with Patrick as to his needs for cattle handling. 

“Patrick made the process so simple and easy; I had all the information I needed, and I felt like a valued potential customer. The whole purchase process was really straightforward.”

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The Frame family use their Te Pari Classic crush for a number of things including animal vaccinations, clipping, calving and general handling. The addition of the parallel squeeze can assist in lifting the animal up and avoid it going down when calving which Douglas finds very helpful.

“We have the weighing system on the crush which allows us to see the live-weight gain of each animal and therefore we can choose the best-performing ones for the farm. We also upgraded to the Vet Access so now the whole area is a lot better in terms of space and being able to access the animal, the whole crush makes us feel safe when accessing the animal within it.”

douglas frame te pari cattle crush uk (3)Despite having relatively calm cattle, Douglas pointed out how easy it was to use the backing bar to stabilise any cattle that are a bit lively. “The backing bar can restrain the animal in the crush and in turn, they tend to become a lot calmer. It just makes sure we are safe, and the animal is calm in the crush.”

With the addition of our Te Pari anti-bruising bars; the oval shape allows for a larger point of contact with the animal and therefore reduces any change of bruising when using these features.

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At Te Pari we pride ourselves on the quality of our products but also the ease of upkeep and general maintenance. When Douglas came to giving the crush a once-over, he was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was.
“The maintenance is so simple and easy. There are grease nipples located around the crush and they are all easy to find and use. So far, I have no complaints.”

With happier cattle comes a happier farmer and that is certainly the case with the Frame family. Thank you for your custom Douglas.





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