Vetmarker Weigh Attachment


£1,350.00 + VAT


£1,350.00 + VAT£1,620.00 including VAT

Weigh your lambs in the Vetmarker!

Lambs can be weighed, EID tagged and recorded when they are first loaded into the Vetmarker Weigh Platform. After the lamb has been weighed, it will continue on down the Vetmarker for all the other normal procedures that take place at docking.

The Weigh Vetmarker® has been developed to enable farmers to weigh their lambs at docking time, without compromising time and the handling of the lamb.
When the lamb is ready to be released the lever is pulled forward and the lamb is released onto its feet. It can automatically be sprayed for fly-strike on release if required.

The Weigh Vetmarker® has Te Pari Load Cells with compatible leads for Tru-Test and Gallagher indicators.

Before weighing lambs it is necessary to configure the Te Pari Load Cells to your indicator. This only needs to be done once.

Lambs can be weighed automatically as soon as they are loaded into the Vetmarker.