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New Lenta Crush Range

New Lenta Crush Range

Lenta means “Tough” in Latin and that’s exactly what it is. ​​​​​​​

We’re excited to release our new Lenta Cattle Crush range which is based on the well-known, tried and tested Classic Crush range - the Lenta includes many new features to help make cattle handling easier so take a look below to find out more. 

The Lenta Crush is a combination of the industry-proven design features from our Classic Crush range with new features and improvements that have been developed from customer feedback. All product improvements have been thoroughly tested in our factory and on the farm to ensure that we have complete confidence in this new range.


  • The proven, reliable C1000 Headbail automatically locks in any position. The C1000 comes with an unbeatable Lifetime Warranty on the Headbail Lock System.
  • Anti-Slip Backing bar system for restraining animals prevents bar from sliding out
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel construction Made in NZ
  • 3 different gate configurations including an option with an integrated EID reader
  • Anti-skid rubber-lined steel floor (MX & MR models) provides a quiet natural surface for cattle to stand on.
  • Auto-locking rear sliding gate prevents stock from nuzzling it open
  • Optional Parallel Squeeze

What’s new on the Lenta?

Here at Te Pari we are passionate about the continuous improvement of our products to meet your changing requirements. Here are 6 new features and product improvements that you get with a Lenta Crush.

  1. Improved Slam Latches:
    The improved Slam Latch features a 25mm shaft that is adjustable for engagement and a super strong injection moulded glass reinforced nylon handle for smooth quiet operation. Internally the latch has a nylon bush on the main shaft and an anti-rattle nylon keeper in the striker plate to eliminate steel on steel noise. Click here to see the new Slam Latches in action >
  2. Vet Kick Gate:
    The vet kick gate size has been increased to give the operator greater protection from animals. The vet doors now feature a two-way slam latch. This allows the doors to be slammed closed from both directions.
  3. Needle Access (MX Models Only):
    A new removable bar lets the operator get access right into the animal's neck, behind the headbail doors. With up to 300mm access, this gives much better access for needling into the neck area. Click here to see how the new needle access works >
  4. Rubber-Lined Steel Floor (MX & MR Models):
    The floor in the crush consists of hot-dip galvanised steel beams with the rubber surface bolted to the top. This gives the crush floor outstanding strength and provides the cattle with a quiet and secure surface to stand on.
  5. Parallel Squeeze (MX Models Only):
    A lever at the front of the crush, brings both sides of the crush in from 750mm to 410mm. The squeeze is fitted with a proven, reliable locking system that allows you to lock the squeeze at any point. This is also spring-loaded, so squeezing the sides in is very easy.
  6. Smoother Gate Hinges:
    Built to outlast, all Lenta crush models now feature stainless gate pins. This makes for smoother operation and superior durability on such high-wearing components.

Lenta Crush Side Gate Options

A solution to suit your needs. Choose from 1, 2 or 3 piece side gates.

lenta side gate options

1 Piece Gate - Entry Level option

A basic one-piece side gate option with a slam latch on each side with rails only (no sheeting). Optional anti-backing ratchet and offside sort handle are available.

2 Piece Gate - Sheeted lower gate

Separate upper and lower gate. The upper gate has a anti-backing ratchet for animal restraint. The lower sheeted gate gives easy access for mothering on calves and hoof inspection. The gates on both sides open at the front and opened together for easy sorting.

3 Piece Gate - The EID Gate System

All the features of the 2 Piece gate plus the patented eRail Gate and a drop-down access gate at the back of the upper gate. This system provides unrivalled access to the animal in the crush. The electronic controls for the eRail Gate are optional.


Parallel Size Option

The top of the range Lenta MX Crush features an easy-to-use parallel squeeze operation, allowing farmers to easily adjust the crush to restrain or prevent smaller animals from turning around. This versatility not only improves handling efficiency but also reduces the risk of injuries to both the animals and the handlers.

The Lenta Parallel Squeeze System moves the side gates together to reduce the animal compartment width from 750mm to 410mm. It is operated with an easy to use horizontal lever at the front of the crush. The Squeeze System is ideal for weighing young stock as it prevents them from turning around in the crush and is also great for calving or vetwork as it prevents unwanted animal movement.

Here’s a walk-around video of the Lenta MX3 our top spec model with Parallel Squeeze, Vet Access Gate & 3 piece side gates.

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