Classic Cattle Crush Range

Reliable and affordable - NZ's most popular all rounder.

The Classic Crush is the livestock handling ‘all-rounder’ and provides a safe, efficient and secure working environment for both user and beast on a multitude of operations across the country. Made in New  Zealand using high quality steel and fully hot-dip galvanised after welding, this crush is made to handle cattle big and small, and will withstand everything that is thrown at it. Available with a variety of gate options, allowing access to virtually any part of the animal and fitted with an ‘auto-lock’ sliding gate plus the proven Classic 1000 Headbail, this crush is fantastic value for money.

Compact Sliding Gate

This innovative gate design features a compact top rail that minimises any protrusion into the working area and also an auto-lock latch to prevent the cattle from muzzling the gate open.

Anti Slip Backing Bar System

This innovative system prevents the backing bar from slipping out sideways and causing an injury to the operator. Traditionally when an animal is in the crush any tail-end sideways movement could cause the backing bar to be pushed sideways out of the crush, sometimes at considerable speed potentially causing injury to the operator.

Offside Draft Handle

The offside drafting handle allows the operator on the working side of the crush to open and close the offside gate by way of an overhead handle located at the rear of the crush. This allows cattle to be drafted directly out of the crush without the operator having to leave the working area. This handle is optional on all models.

Upgrade to Parallel Squeeze

The Te Pari Squeeze System moves the side gates together to reduce the animal compartment from 750mm to 410mm and is operated with an easy-to-use horizontal lever. The Squeeze System moves the gates upwards on a vertical linkage helping provide support to the animal – ideal for calving. This system is excellent for weighing young stock as it helps prevent them turning around. The Squeeze System is also ideal for larger animals when calving or undertaking breeding procedures as it prevents unwanted animal movement. The Squeeze System is operated by an easy-to-use handle mounted at chest height and is optional on all models.

Walk-Through Headbail

The wide opening design of the Classic 1000 Headbail has no obstructions for a cattle beast to trip or stumble on as it is exiting. The sheeted doors also provide a visual barrier. When the doors are partially open the floor to ceiling gap encourages the animal forward. This headbail uses a simple quiet friction locking system that automatically locks in any position, to ensure your cattle work is easy.

Rubber floor

They are quieter and handling cattle quietly has many benefits, including improved weight gain and greater safety for operators. Having a rubber floor provides a more natural surface for cattle to stand on and they are also easy to clean and disinfect if required. Finally a rubber floor helps prevent slips which can cause the animal to panic and allows your stock to walk with confidence. Thats why a rubber floor is standard on all models of Te Pari Cattle Crushes

eRail Dual Gate EID Reader

The patented Te Pari eRail ‘dual gate’ system is an EID antenna that is integrated into the 3 piece crush side gate system. The eRail system provides a large read field ensuring all stock are read accurately, even those moving quickly or with their head down low. As the antenna is actually part of the steel gate, it is extremely robust and there are no visual or functional restrictions that can be caused by retrofitted panel readers.

The Classic Crush Range

The iconic Classic Crush is the ideal crush for small to medium herds that require basic yet safe and efficient handling. Capable of handling all sizes of cattle with ease, the robust Classic MC Crush is specifically designed for a one-person operation to provide fast, easy and accurate weighing and handling. That’s why the Classic MC is New Zealand’s most popular and affordable cattle crush.

Classic JR Crush

The Classic JR is an ideal entry level Cattle Crush, featuring the renown C1000 Headbail for optimum safety, along with a steel tread plate floor and a 6 Rail one piece side gate. The Classic JR is setup to start weighing, simply bolt on your loadbars and connect your scale head. The Offside Draft Handle is an optional extra that gives you a third drafting option out of the crush. Both side gates are hinged at the back and allow open at the front offering access to the side of the animal while headbailed.

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Classic MC Regular Gate


This gate is the most basic option and is a one piece, slam latch gate on each side with only rails (no sheeting) making it an ideal choice for the budget conscious buyer. An optional anti-backing ratchet and offside draft handle can be fitted at any stage.

Classic MC Deluxe Gate


This gate system has a separate upper and lower gate. The upper gate has built in anti-backing ratchet for animal restraint. The sheeted lower gate can be opened for easy access to mother on calves, hoof access, and other inspection work. The gates on both sides open at the front and each gate can be pinned together and opened using a single latch for easy drafting.

Classic MC EID Gate


This gate system has all the features of the Deluxe gate plus the inclusion of the patented eRail Gate. The drop-down access gate at the back of the upper gate combined with the eRail Gate at the front provide unrivaled access to the animal in the crush. The electronic controls for the eRail Gate are optional.

The Classic HF Hoof Handler

Designed specifically with the dairy farmer in mind, the Classic HF has superb facilities for hoof paring whilst giving excellent access to all other areas of the cow for vet work and general handling. Featuring the proven Classic C1000 Headbail, the handler provides a safe firm restraint for any size cow whilst in the crush, and when open provides a large walk-through ‘floor to ceiling’ opening. The rear side gates both open outwards, providing excellent access for calving or any vet work. Available in Vet or Vetless form, this crush is a popular choice for dairy farmers.

Benefits of the Hoof Handler


Winch System

Easy-to-use overhead winch for lifting back legs to a safe working height


Overhead Backing Bar

Backing bar system pivots from top and is easily operated from behind the cow


Hoof blocks

Removable hoof blocks provide secure restraint


Side Gates

Removable lower side gates for mothering on calves

Add a 3 Way Draft Module...

The manual 3-way drafting module is designed for easy and efficient drafting and to save labour. Wire ropes control the drafting gates from the rear of the crush.

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Introducing the Classic Crush

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4 Reasons to buy a Te Pari Cattle Crush


Buy Direct

You’re purchasing direct from the us, the manufacturer, and we stand by our products.


World Leading Design

Our design team works with cattle producers around the globe to achieve many notable ‘world firsts’.


Reliable and Strong

NZ made, hot-dipped galvanised steel is among the most high quality strong steels in the world.


Range of models

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for your specific farming type - there’s a model for every operation.

Why did Mark choose Te Pari?

With no on-going maintenance, hot-dipped galvanized steel and easy working design, Mark Copland is very happy with his Te Pari Cattle Yard and Crush. Watch and hear from him as to why he chose Te Pari for his Cattle Handling equipment. 

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Which gate system do I need?

The Classic Crush with the EID Gate (integrated eRail EID reader) is the ultimate for handsfree weighing and recording. However if you already have an EID Wand or Panel reader then the Classic with Deluxe Gates is probably a more cost effective solution. If you run smaller numbers and cattle are quite then the Classic with Regular Gates is the most affordable option. However it is worth considering the sheeted and split lower side gate that is standard on the Deluxe Gate model. The sheeted gate prevents an agitated animal from putting its leg thru the rails and the split gate option allows you to open just the lower half of the gate i.e; to attend to a hoof etc...

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The Te Pari Handbook contains over 100 pages of details and specifications on the entire Te Pari range.