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Sheep Bundle 1


Weigh and draft automatically by weight or EID and also undertake a variety of other tasks such as crutching, dagging, drenching, vaccination and tagging.


  • T30 Scale System 
  • Revolution Dosing Gun 14ml
  • 600mm Te Pari Loadbars

PAY $14,625 +GST NOW + balance in 12 months*

Sheep Bundle 2

Racewell DR3 Auto Sheep Drafter

Precision weighing and drafting for more profit in your pocket

The Racewell DR Auto Drafter is a highly efficient, dedicated weighing and drafting sheep system that will help any sheep farmer improve the profitability of their operation.


  • T30 Scale System
  • Integrated overhead Loadcells
  • Portable Trailer System

Pay $9,975 Now + balance in 12 months*

Beef Bundle 1

Classic MC Vet Crush with Parallel Squeeze

Reliable and affordable - A popular all-rounder

The iconic Classic Crush is the ideal crush for small to medium herds that require basic yet safe and efficient handling. Capable of handling all sizes of cattle with ease, the robust Classic MC Crush is specifically designed for a one person operation to provide fast, easy and accurate weighing and handling.


  • T1 Scale App
  • 70ml Revolution Dosing Gun
  • 1000mm Loadbar's
  • Parallel Side Squeeze

Pay $10,500 +GST Now + balance in 12 months*

Beef Bundle 2

Titan Hydraulic Crush

The gold standard in the business of handling cattle

The Titan Hydraulic Crush has a host of innovative features to ensure optimal safety for the operator and the animal which in turn improves labour efficiency, ease of animal ID and stock management. The extra long 2.75m animal compartment makes this crush ideal for stud breeders.


  • T30 Scale System (E Series)
  • 70ml Revolution Dosing Gun
  • ERail EID Gate Antenna
  • Integrated Load Cell's

Pay $18,950 +GST Now + balance in 12 months*


Beef Bundle 3

Taurus HD3 Vet Auto Drafting Crush

The beating heart of cattle management

The Taurus HD3 is THE machine to collect stock data. Utilising the cattle EID tags and the unique Te Pari eRail Gate EID reader, individual animals can be weighed, tracked and recorded easily without any operator intervention.


  • T30 Scale System (E Series)
  • Revolution Dosing Gun
  • 1000mm Heavy Duty Load Bar's
  • ERail EID Gate Antenna

Pay $19,750 +GST Now + balance in 12 months*

Plan Package SY79

With 3 pens and 3-way drafting, this yard is an excellent choice for finishing operations, handling up to 79 head.


  • For up to 79 Head
  • 4 Working Pens
  • Includes timber for catwalk
  • 3 Way drafting
  • Includes Te Pari C1000 Headbail
  • Delivery & Install Included

Pay $16,479 +GST Now + balance in 12 months*

Plan Package SY107

A yard designed for handling up to 107 head safely and efficiently


  • For up to 107 Head
  • 4 Working Pens
  • Super C-Force gate system
  • Ideal mid-sized yard
  • Excellent for fattening operations
  • Includes timber for catwalk
  • Delivery & Install Included

Pay $22,910 +GST Now*


Plan Package SY167

With 4 holding pens taking 50 head each and a cattle-free operating area, this yard is truly a pleasure to use.


  • For up to 167 head
  • 4 working pens
  • includes a super C-Force curcular forcing pen
  • Superb drafting options
  • Includes timber for catwalk
  • Delivery & Install included

Pay $26,240 +GST Now + balance in 12 months*

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Single handedly running 400 Hereford's, Ian needs easy & safe cattle yards


It's a game changer | Tom Lyons

Working with the new Racewell HD4 & T30 Scale System


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Mark from Stockman Angus discuss’ his experience with Steel Cattle Yard’s

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